How It Works

What to Expect

After we find one of our guides that is available on the date you want to go, we collect a deposit and send you a confirmation letter.  This will be your receipt and will also come with detailed directions on how to contact your guide and where to meet them.  Your guide will contact you to make sure every question you may have is answered.  Keep in mind that fishing conditions can change quickly, so you will need to contact your guide again a couple of days before your scheduled trip, to verify where to meet.

Beforehand, purchase any fishing licenses that are needed then meet your guide at the designated location.  Then go fishing!

At the end of the day, back at the boat ramp, your guide will clean your fish for you.  This is the time to pay your guide the balance owed along with any tip you feel is appropriate.  Then you are done and ready to BBQ that magnificent catch you just reeled in!

What to Bring

*Warm Clothes – Dress in layers, it is always cooler at the coast, especially on the water!

*Rain Gear – Even in nice weather, wind waves may splash you!

*Fishing License – Available at local stores, or they may be available from your guide.  Double check if this is your plan!

*Lunch – pack one for yourselves

*Cooler – to chill your catch!

*Camera – to catch all the exciting action!

*Sun Block and sunglasses – these are optional, but if it’s sunny, the glare off the water can really burn you!

Weather reports for the area can be found here.

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