NW Oregon Fishing Update for Oct 26

Chinook fishing in Tillamook remains challenging for most, but Bay City and the Ghost Hole will be primary targets for trollers this week with the stronger tides pushing in. Seaweed may also be a factor once again as stronger tides and a storm surge tend to bring in the fouling foliage.

Tidewater of the Wilson River is rumored to have fair numbers of Chinook available. Tides improve for bobber fishers, but do check the ODF&W web site for current regulations as there is talk of a limited closure to protect concentrated Chinook in the tidewater reaches of some coastal systems. Returns already look compromised and tidewater fish seem particularly vulnerable when they can’t access the upper reaches of these systems.

The ocean swell is forecasted to be on the increase as is commonly the case this time of year. The ocean salmon season as well as halibut season closes on October 31st. Many charter operations are also closing for the winter although bottomfishing should remain productive.

Bay crabbing will be challenging this weekend with the bump in tide exchange. Astoria even more so given the large drainage the Columbia drains.

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