NW Oregon Fishing Update for October 20

Northwest Oregon – Fall Chinook continue to be elusive on Tillamook Bay, but it remains the favored fishery on the entire north coast. Chinook in the high 20-pound range are caught every day, with the Ghost Hole, Bay City and during last week’s low tide exchange, the jaws along the north jetty produced fair catches near low tide.

Pro-Troll flashers with Fatal Flash spinners in size 3.0 and 5, especially in chartreuse and red/white have been the go-to colors. Seaweed remains a hindrance and with another strong tide series this weekend, success will be challenging.

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Coho are still making up a fair percentage of the catch and must be released unharmed. Hatchery coho are in the Trask and North Fork Nehalem, albeit in low numbers and are past their prime.

Anglers have been taking advantage of calm seas and chamber of commerce weather on the ocean. The deep reef fishery continues to yield large lingcod and canary rockfish, along with other species as well. Weekend weather looks like it will hold for this unique fishery.

Ocean crabbing closed on October 15th, and won’t open again until December 1st. Overall the season wasn’t as productive as it usually is, but quality keepers were had throughout the fall months. Bay crabbing is competitive, but should also produce fair catches until the first significant fall rains hit.

Despite optimum weather conditions, motivated albacore anglers are hard to find. The recent grade of albacore have been running quite small. So small in fact that local canneries aren’t taking commercial catches as of late. Many offshore anglers have hung it up for the season, at least for tuna.

Astoria area – Despite big tide exchanges, crabbing has been good on the lower Columbia River Afternoon tides this weekend should yield good results too.


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