NW Oregon Fishing Updates for October 13

Northwest Oregon – Chinook fishing in Tillamook Bay has remained challenging as last weekend’s SHOT tournament held by the Association of Northwest Steelheaders yielded just 5 fish for 40 anglers over a 2-day period. The largest fish tipped the scales at just over 18 pounds.

The stronger tide series brought about abundant amounts of seaweed, further impeding success for the fall run fish. Wild coho seem to be as plentiful as Chinook this season, but must be released unharmed. The Ghost Hole, Bay City and the Coast Guard Station in front of Garibaldi are producing the most consistent success, at high tide when the seaweed and eelgrass are less of a problem.

Mid-October produced some of the season’s best catches last year, anglers are holding out hope. Chinook jacks are more prevalent in this year’s catches too, hopefully indicating a stronger return of 4-year olds next year.

Tidewater bobber fishers remain perplexed with the lack of fish lately, but the Wilson, Trask and Tillamook tidewater reaches should all have some fish available.

The ocean swell may be subsiding over the weekend. Bottomfishers are anxious as the deep-reef fishery produced some monster lingcod prior to the current rough ocean conditions. Large canary and yellow tail rockfish hit the decks as well.

Other north coast estuaries are under-performing as well, including the Nehalem. The North Fork hatchery did report some dark coho being taken on eggs over the weekend however.

Astoria area – Despite big tide exchanges, crabbing has been good on the lower Columbia River Afternoon tides this weekend should yield good results too.

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